Welcome to Hammer V Productions!

I am an up and coming video audio production company. That would be: Filming, Editing, Recording, Media Transfers and all for commercial or individuals (Weddings, Receptions, Missionary Homecomings, Birthdays, Life Stories, etc.)My power is growing beyond that of what most could imagine.

Well, I'm trying anyways.

I always have a good time with my clients and I think they enjoy me too, but if you want to be bored.....I can do that too. However if they/you don't enjoy me all that much, well then my prices will make up for it. Yep, I'm cheap, cuz. I'm hungry!

To learn more; click on the "Videos" tab to see what I can do. Then if you really want to go deep, click on the "Audio" tab to hear an audio resume (with sound effects even) or "The CH36 Commercial", and "see how far the rabbit hole really goes!"

(Contact Crayton: 801.336.6286 or click "Contact" to send me an email in case you're too creeped out to talk to me on the phone.....believe me I understand.......after all I am me and have to talk to me all the time.)

The Crayton Hammer Commercial - The CH36